Digital Age Project 2014-2016

Digital Age Project Year 1 & 2: Working with sheltered housing schemes

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The Digital Age Project is a project led by LGNI and supported by the Big Lottery Fund for NI ‘Reaching Out Connecting Older People’ Programme.

During the first 2 years of delivery, the project co-ordinated and delivered IT courses to older people within residential schemes and, through linking the schemes with local schools / youth groups, delivered intergenerational sessions using ICT as a tool to create links between older and younger people in communities, with the aim of creating better understanding and interaction.

The project is now entering its third year of delivery with LGNI as the lead partner of the entire project, coordinating the delivery of IT workshops and intergenerational ICT projects.

To celebrate the end of its second year of delivery in November 2016 we celebrated with a conference in East Belfast attended by the Commissioner for Older People (Eddie Lynch) and Commissioner for Children and Young People (Koulla Yiasouma). Read more here

For Years 1 & 2: the partnership consisted of LGNI, Ignite IT, Go On NI, NIFHA, Learning & Work Institute and Zenith IT Solutions.