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Building an Age Friendly Neighbourhood: Linn Road & Ballykeel

LGNI has been involved in the Feel Safe and Sound Partnership, facilitated by Mid and East Antrim Age Well Partnership for several years. Through this partnership working, we have identified the need to build stronger and more positive relationships between generations in the Mid and East Antrim Areas. The local PSNI officers attending the partnership identified particular areas where they believed an intergeneraitonal approach may be useful and LGNI worked with local groups in that area to submit applications to NIHE Community cohesion unit in order to fund two projects.

The first project, which is now completed, was aimed at bringing together local older and younger people within the Linn Road area of Larne. LGNI worked with Mid & East Antrim Age Well Partnership and Linn Road Community Centre to build the project, supported by NIHE. The participants took part in a school yard spruce up with the young people also undertaking a age-friendly awareness training session.

90% of participants said they felt more connected to their community after the project and 80% said they felt more positive towards the other generation.

You can view the Linn Road report here

The second project, Building an Age Friendly Ballykeel is now underway. Ballykeel intergenerational project, in partnership with MEAAP is
based in Ballykeel Community Centre, Ballymena and involves The Bright Stars special needs group young people, their families and some older people from the local area. Starting with crafts and now moving on to exploring dance and movement, it aims to develop participants’ confidence and positive relationships between the generations in Ballykeel. Everyone aged 5 to 60 plus has been enjoying joining in.

You can view the Ballykeel report here