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All Ages April 2020

A small grants scheme supporting 21 intergenerational activities to keep people connected during Covid

Linking Generations NI were delighted to be able to award 30 small grants of £150 in early 2020, to enable intergenerational events across NI in the month of April.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic only 21 groups took up the offer in the spring of 2020.

LGNI extended the delivery deadline a number of times, knowing the benefit intergenerational engagement, either safely social distancing or remotely via technology would have on the participants of all ages in communities.

It’s taken almost a year but some events did take place when safe either social distancing or virtually by zoom! Organisations demonstrated their patience and skills at revising and adapting activities safely, as they realised the overwhelming need for people to feel connected to others and to meet up either social distancing or virtually to  enjoy activities and support each other.  Intergenerational work is needed now more than ever!

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All Ages April 2020 Evaluation Report

A brief report on the key successes and amazing activities as part of All Ages April 2020

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