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Connecting Care Homes and Communities

LGNI pilot project to support care home staff to develop sustained intergenerational links.

LGNI are very grateful to have secured funding from the LFT Charitable Trust for a care sector pilot project in three care homes during 2020/21. This will see LGNI bring their expertise, best practice examples and CPD accredited training to care home staff to build their capacity to develop and implement their own intergenerational work.  We aim to enable care homes to create sustainable intergenerational connections that support the achievement of care home standards.  We hope to share the  learning and approaches developed during the pilot to access funding to scale it up across Northern Ireland.

Our enthusiastic settings are Rose Lodge Lisburn, Phoenix Healthcare Clinic Newtownards and Newcroft Lodge, Holywood.

In August 2021 our 9 participants from the 3 Care/Nursing Homes completed their 3 intergenerational training sessions which focussed on:

  • What is intergenerational practice (and how it achieves Care and Nursing Standard outcomes and it’s benefits to residents)
  • Good practice in preparing and bringing generations together (plus activity ideas)
  • Evaluation methods and sustainability

They have each received a copy of our LGNI Intergenerational training manual, Care Home DRAFT toolkit (this will be printed up at end of project when feedback on content has been gained) and Care Homes Good Practice ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ Guide that were used during training and can be referred back to.

During the sessions, participants have been sharing their good practice, ideas and hopes for developing intergenerational engagement in their settings.  With this new knowledge and confidence, they have also been reaching out to their local schools, churches and youth groups to discuss ways to engage with younger members of the community over the coming months for the benefits of all ages involved.

Our LGNI activity sheet ‘Doing Christmas Differently 2020’ provided some inspiration!

LGNI will continue to be in regular contact to offer support and advice via one to one and group virtual meetings, so they can successfully embed intergenerational connections and good practice in their settings.

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