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Food for Life Get Togethers with the Soil Association

LGNI is very pleased to partner with The Soil Association in this UK-wide Food for Life Get Togethers project which uses good food to bring people of different ages together.

LGNI are delighted to be involved in this project, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, with lead partner the SOIL Association and other partners from around the UK recognising the value in using food to help support out ethos of bringing generations together. Get Togethers is for people of all ages and backgrounds and aims to connect people through food.

As a partner in the Get Togethers project LGNI utilise their connection with their network members to promote the benefits of connecting generations through food, eating, cooking and growing together.  LGNI activities as part of Get Togethers include:

  • Promoting Get Togethers activities to our membership
  • Small grants for intergenerational Get Togethers
  • Information sessions on intergenerational Get Togethers opportunities
  • Demonstration projects
  • Virtual Get Togethers through Covid

Check out related videos and reports of activity on this page and our news section.

For more information on the Get Togethers Project, opportunities and resources visit Food for Life Get Togethers home | Food for Life Get Togethers (fflgettogethers.org)

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Project Videos

LGNI Get Togethers Small Grants 2019

A little video about the Get Togethers Small Grants Scheme the activities that took place and the impact on the people who took part

Project Resources

Report of LGNI Get Togethers Grants Scheme 2019

Read all about the different Get Togethers supported through LGNI's grants scheme and the impact this had on all involved

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